We advance Canine Science


Canine science is our heartbeat and driving force. We continuously strive to advance the field and develop a deeper understanding of dogs by undertaking rigorous research, providing science-related services, and building a canine science community platform that connects and benefits both scientists and society.

Our Research

Our commitment to quality research forms the backbone of our work. We conduct original studies and collaborate with international researchers on a variety of projects, primarily focusing on dog behaviour, emotion, welfare, and pain. Our studies are all dedicated to building a comprehensive knowledge base of canine science and making significant contributions to the scientific community.

Our Services

We provide a range of science-related services tailored to meet various needs within the field of canine science:

  • Commissioned Research: We design and execute tailored research projects to address specific questions about dog behaviour, welfare, emotion, and cognition.
  • Behaviour Coding Services: We offer certified behaviour coding services, including the application of DogFACS, to analyse data within the field of canine science to delve into and interpret canine expressions.
  • Academic Writing: Our expertise extends to academic writing, primarily in the field of canine science. We offer the preparation of literature in a range of formats, including scientific papers, reports, books, and book chapters.
  • Scientific Reviews: Rigorous scientific review services are available. These involve the critical analysis and evaluation of existing research articles for accuracy and relevance in the field.
  • Dissertation Supervision: For students pursuing dissertations in canine science, expert supervision is offered to ensure adherence to high scientific standards and meaningful contributions.
  • Teaching: We also specialise in developing educational materials suitable for university-level courses. These materials are designed to facilitate the learning of different topics within the field of canine science and science communication, enhancing students’ comprehension of these subjects.

At Dogs and Science, our commitment revolves around advancing canine science through tailored services that cater to your needs.

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Explore Our Past and Ongoing Projects

Discover some of our exciting past and ongoing projects, which have led to or reported fascinating findings about dog behaviours, emotions, and the use of AI in Canine Science:

AI-Based Detection of Facial Expressions of Emotions in Dogs

This collaboratory research project between Dogs and Science and the Tech4Animals Lab of the University of Haifa (Israel) aimed to develop an Artificial Intelligence-based system that can automatically detect and analyse the facial expressions of dogs that are linked to their emotions.

Deep breathing in Dogs for Relaxation

This collaboratory research project between Dogs and Science and the Institute of Animal Welfare Science of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Austria) aimed to develop a training protocol that teaches dogs to extend their breathing cycles on signal, with the ultimate goal of promoting relaxation.

Addictive-like Behaviour Questionnaire for Dogs

This collaboratory research project between Dogs and Science and the Division of Animal Welfare of the University of Bern (Switzerland) aimed to develop a questionnaire to assess addictive-like behaviour in dogs (“ball junkies”).

Our Future Visions

Dogs and Science is set to make even more significant contributions to the field of canine science. We’re committed to supporting the broader scientific community in making

ground-breaking discoveries and advancements in canine science and have exciting future plans: