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We are dedicated to bringing the fascinating world of canine science out to the world by making it accessible and understandable for everyone. We believe that good science becomes even greater when it’s shared, understood, and ultimately put into practice. With our Canine Science Communication, we focus on distilling complex scientific insights on dogs into engaging, digestible content that enlightens and encourages informed decisions.

Canine Science Communication

We act as a bridge between canine science and society, communicating the latest findings in canine science to a broader audience, bridging the gap between scientific research and dog lovers. Our mission is to present studies in an engaging and accessible manner, distilling complex information into digestible insights that can be put to practical use. Through social media updates, insightful articles, and in-depth guides, we ensure that you stay at the forefront of research-based knowledge on dogs. Additionally, we help you develop a comprehensive understanding of canine science—what it encompasses, its significance, and the various fields it touches upon, such as behavior, nutrition, health, and training. Dive into the world of canine science with us and unlock a treasure trove of knowledge for the benefit of our furry friends.

Empowered Through Education: Learn about Scientific Methods and Processes

Education is a passion here, and understanding the scientific process is key to appreciating the beauty of canine science. Dogs and Science therefore aims to offer resources that provides you with knowledge about general methods and processes of scientific research to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the scientific journey.

Meet the Minds Behind the Research & Explore the Labs

Discover the researchers who are actively contributing to canine science. We feature profiles of these brilliant minds, enabling you to learn about their work, motivations, and inspirations. Gain insights into the daily life of a canine scientist and what it’s like to be at the forefront of canine science, experiencing the journey of discovery through their eyes. Additionally, we plan to give sneak peek tours of research labs around the world.