We help advance
canine science.


How Can Canine Science Deepen Our Understanding of Dogs?

At Dogs and Science, canine science is our heartbeat and driving force. We continuously strive to advance this research field and help develop a deeper understanding of dogs by undertaking rigorous research, providing science-related services, and in the future, offering the Dogs and Science Research Award and research funding.


What are the main benefits?

Accessable Knowledge

We make complex canine science easy to understand for everyone.

Empowered Decisions

Our insights help you make informed decisions about dog care and training.

Expert Support

Tailored consultations to enhance your educational materials and programs.

Our research

Our original studies, often conducted in collaboration with international researchers, focus on critical areas like canine behaviour, cognition, welfare, and emotions. Our projects are meticulously designed to contribute to a comprehensive knowledge base, enhancing the scientific communities understanding of dogs. Past and ongoing projects have revealed fascinating insights into how dogs think, feel, and respond to their environment.

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You are interested in collaborating with us?

We welcome partnerships that help push the boundaries of what we know about canine science.

Our science-related services

Are you a researcher seeking expert support to enhance your research on dogs?
We offer services to support other researchers at every step of the scientific process, including:


Planning and preparation:

  • Designing robust frameworks to ensure meaningful scientific inquiry.


Implementation and data collection:

  • Using advanced methodologies for accurate data gathering.



  • Employing cutting-edge tools to measure dog behaviour, including DogFACS to systematically analyse dog facial expressions.
  • More about DogFacts


  • Supporting the development of scientific papers, reports, and books.



  • Assisting with publication and sharing findings broadly through workshops, digital content, and other media, both within the scientific community and to the wider society.

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Advancing canine science isn’t just about
understanding dogs better – it’s about unlocking the
secrets of their behaviour, health, and emotions
to enrich the lives of both canines and humans.”

Annika Bremhorst

Our commitment to science communication

Are you interested in discovering how scientific research can be transformed into knowledge that everyone can understand and use?

We are dedicated to making canine science accessible to the wider society. Recognizing the importance of effective science communication, we have organized several events, including hands-on workshops with science communication experts, to empower colleagues with skills to share their research in engaging ways. Our vision includes a future where every researcher feels equipped to effectively communicate their discoveries, bridging the gap between science and society.

See how we can help you improve your science communication skills.

Our future

The Dogs and Science Award and Research Funding

Looking ahead, Dogs and Science will introduce the Dogs and Science Award to recognize researchers who have significantly contributed to advancing canine science and the communication of its insights. Our Dogs and Science Research Grant will empower pioneering projects, pushing the boundaries of canine science for the benefit of both dogs and humans.

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