We help you to
put science into practice.


At Dogs and Science, we do more than just discover and understand canine science — we put science into practice.

We actively apply science-based knowledge to make real difference in the lives of dogs and humans. Our approach translates scientific insights into practical, hands-on solutions, helping both dog owners and professionals address everyday challenges and built stronger relationships with dogs.

All our services are offered virtually, enabling us to help people understand and manage their dogs and problems better around the globe, wherever they are. Explore our dog behaviour consultation packages for dog owners and our specialised mentorship programme tailored specifically for dog professionals.

What are the main benefits?

Practical Solutions

We translate scientific insights into hands-on solutions for dog owners and professionals.

Global Accessibility

Our virtual services help people manage and understand their dogs better, anywhere in the world.

Expert Guidance

We offer specialised consultation packages and mentorship programs tailored to your specific needs.

Our expert network

Our team and network include accredited dog behaviour consultants, trainers, veterinarians, and veterinary behaviour medicine professionals. We provide expert guidance every step of your journey towards better understanding and managing (challenging) dog behaviour, ensuring you feel supported and confident in your decisions.

You are interested in collaborating with us?

We welcome partnerships that help push the boundaries of what we know about canine science.

Putting science into practice isn’t just about applying knowledge – it’s about transforming scientific insights into practical solutions that enhance the lives of dogs and humans, fostering stronger bonds and better understanding.”

Annika Bremhorst

Our offers

Tailored virtual dog behaviour consultation and training for dog owners: Behaviour consultation packages:

Are you struggling with your dog’s behaviour? Understanding your dog’s behaviour is the first step towards fostering a healthy and happy relationship. Our online services are personalized to address your dog’s unique behavioural needs, ensuring you receive expert support wherever you are.

Our behaviour consultation services are specifically designed for those looking to effectively manage and improve their dog’s behaviour, from addressing problematic behaviours to achieving specialised training goals:

Basic Behavior Consultation Package

Step 1: Free Discovery Call (15 mins), your chance to discuss our approach and ensure our values align with your needs.

Step 2: Short Background Questionnaire via our website to gather basic information about the behaviour issues and your goals.

Step 3: Online Behaviour Consultation (~2 hours) including a detailed consultation report, treatment and training plan, risk assessment, and a recording of the call.

Extended Behaviour Consultation and Modification Package

Includes everything in the Basic package.

Extended support: Five bi-weekly online behaviour modification and training consultations (~45 mins each, with video analysis).

Documentation: Includes video recording, tailored modification, and training progress reports.

Final reflection: A discussion (~30 mins) to evaluate progress and plan next steps.

Book your free discovery call now and take the first step towards a better relationship with your dog!

For dog professionals:

Are you a dog behaviourist, veterinary behaviourist, or dog trainer seeking expert advice for complex cases?

We offer a mentorship package ideal for professionals looking for one-to-one guidance and support.


One-to-one mentorship:

  • Personalized sessions with our team and network of highly-qualified experts to discuss specific case challenges and receive guidance.


Network collaboration:

  • Access to a broad network of professionals for enhanced learning and case management support.
Contact us to learn how our mentorship programme can enhance your professional practice.

Evidence-based and

A holistic, personalised approach.

At Dogs and Science, the welfare and happiness of dogs and humans are our top priority.

We employ evidence-based methods that are compassionate and tailored to each dog’s individual personality and needs. By taking a holistic approach, we address underlying causes of behaviours, not just the symptoms.

Learn, Grow and Bond

Do you want to deepen your bond with your dog? Beyond solving behaviour issues, we empower you to forge a deeper understanding and connection with your dog, paving the way for a fulfilling relationship.

Practical science for real-world impact: Connect with us

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your dog lead a happier, healthier life together.